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I’m home from my long awaited, jam packed, mini adventure with my boyfriend, Sam! It was such good fun, I can’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for it and now its over, boo! There is so much to show and tell so I’ll probably do it all in instalments to avoid an overload of information and pictures.

We started off in Vienna which was lovely and full of beautiful architecture. The one thing I did really love about Vienna and I think goes unnoticed, maybe even unappreciated, is the street art by the canal. Although the art was mentioned on a bus tour we went on, there were few people at the canal exploring the images, but don’t you agree its pretty impressive stuff? I love how colourful it is, there were so many amazing pieces but these were my favourite. There were 4 incredible butterfly works but I just couldn’t get a good angle because of where they were, gutted!

Sorry this is such a quick post, especially when I’ve come back from a trip, but I need to getting planning for my first day at my new job tomorrow! Wish me luck!



Menorca 2 12SEPT15

Menorca 12SEPT15

Menorca 3 12SEPT15

I am finally off inter-railing! YAY! It feels like I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I am so happy it is finally here, especially to be escaping rainy England today. Our first stop is Vienna, turns out my Cousin, Aunty and Uncle are there at the moment so we’ve made plans for dinner tomorrow. Then, after a few days we head to Salzburg which looks beautiful, before going to Zurich for two days and finally staying with our friend in Gevena. So excited!

Here are a few photos of the small paradise we found on our last holiday together in Menorca. How clear is that water?! Hopefully Sam and I will find a few treasures on our journey again!



Rust Fringe 11SEPT15  IMG_0028

Ankle Boots / River Island

Today has been as beautiful as yesterday, however the sun has decided to hide away a little early. I think I’ve been pretty productive day; I took the dog for a run this morning which really worked up a sweat because it was baking hot! Then I quickly got changed to catch my brother before he left for speech day to shoot an outfit which I will show you tomorrow. Then I set about capturing these beauties before heading off to town to get my Euros and Swiss Francs. So excited, we leave tomorrow for our first stop; Vienna!

As promised, I am here to show you my ankle boots from River Island. As you may remember these were on my September Accessories Wish List and I’m sure you’ll all agree that it would be simply rude not to use 25% off. This rusty colour is so in this autumn too so I’m very happy to have them in my life. I have paired these with an outfit but I will show you that another day, for now, please appreciate how truly bootylicious (excellent word play, I know) these beauties are!


Reebok 3 10SEPT15

Reebok 2 10SEPT15

 Reebok 10SEPT15

Reebok 4 10SEPT15

Trainers – ASOS

Good morning! Today is a beautifully sunny day in Kent, I hope the sun is shining where you are. I’ve not got an overly busy day; got to drop my brother and his girlfriend off at the train station, they’re off to London to see Wicked! I am very jealous! Also, waiting for my River Island boots to be delivered and picking up a delivery from John Lewis too. I’ll show you what I’ve got once I’ve got all the goodies, can’t wait!

To go with the sunshine I thought I would show these B-E-A-UUUUtiful trainers. When I saw these on ASOS I just could not resist, especially not when last month ELLE UK had 20% off ASOS last month. They are super comfy too and their colour means they are perfect to take me from summer to autumn!

Here is a little anecdote for you; not until earlier this year did I become a trainers kind of gal which seems ridiculous because they have been well on trend for much longer. I bought my first pair when my boots broke last minute and suede loafers just weren’t going to cut a walk along the British seaside. Up until this point I would describe my style as chic, with no trainers in sight apart from the gym and that meant they were a very rare sight in my life!
My ultimate inspiration, Angelica Blick, had always been able to work trainers and heels alike, so with her in mind, I set out to create a casual style I had always been too afraid to try. Buying a long awaited pair of trainers was the first move.
Now here is a secret you will thank me for. Playing it safe, I found a pair of black Nike trainers on Schuh, the real gem however was Schuh’s Shutl service – which should definitely have been tagged Schutl service by the way – anyway, Shutl meant that the trainers were delivered to my office within an hour and a half for roughly £3.50, how fantastic is that!
From then on I have been able to incorporate everything I like and want into my style, instead sticking to just chic. There is no such thing as a staple style, only your style and it is what you make it!

Schuh most definitely offers the best delivery options I have ever seen, click here to see their impressive list!


I thought it would be a good idea to share the treats I have found so far this month, these come in the form of my favourite things; DISCOUNTS!

River Island currently has 25% off for all ELLE UK readers. You get a discount card attached to your magazine. You supposedly have to activate it on the website shown on the back but the link didn’t work for me and typing in the code worked anyway! With the discount I have ordered these beautiful boots!


ASOS also currently has 20% off if you’re a student for 48 hours and there is plenty on there to lust over, trust me! I have had to really hold back and resist spending because I leave on Sunday for my trip!

Miss Selfridge has got a 24 hours 30% off too on their party range, perfect for those about to go to university for freshers!



IMG_9978  IMG_9972


IMG_9971 IMG_9969


Jacket – Miss Selfridge / Shirt – FCUK / Jeans – Marks and Spencer / Shoes – Oasis / Sunglasses – Ray Ban

This is my first outfit post so it’s all very exciting for me! This is an outfit I originally put together when meeting a friend after work in London for food and drinks, and it has lots of little perks that make it an outfit worth investing in.
The Miss Selfirdge jacket was bought when they had 20% off, and considering a black leather biker jacket is the staple of any wardrobe; its earnt itself back ten fold. I also bought this jacket 2 sizes too big so that in winter I can fit chunky knits underneath, and in spring/ autumn when you can’t predict the weather its airy enough not to feel stuffy.
The blouse and shoes work for both work and those treasured hours away from the office. So they are transitional to happy hour, to date night or to spending your pay check the day after being paid!
Now, you may be surprised that Marks and Spencer would be on trend with ripped jeans but I swear by their jeans! In fact, I don’t think I have any jeans that aren’t from there! I find their Limited Edition range in particular fit the seasons must haves and to prove I’m telling the truth they currently have ripped hem khaki jeans… told you so!
My body shape seems to make it near impossible to find jeans that fit properly; my calves are oddly where any weight gain seems to go and my hips are a size bigger than my waist, and it seems the majority of the high street don’t cater for that combination without compromise. After Zara jeans were reinvented to be super long and New Look jeans lost their perfect fit, I found Marks and Spencer jeans and have never turned back, they are truly jeanius!

As well as shooting this outfit today I began getting ready for my inter-railing trip with my boyfriend. I went to get gel nails at Botanical Beauty in my home town and found the perfect nude/brown/grey gel paint for this season and such a versatile colour for every outfit!