Golden Bomber


Jacket – H&M

I’ve woken up feeling a bit better this morning. Yesterday my eyes stung from the moment I got up until I went to bed, I even received the golden compliment ‘you don’t look good’. A long bath and a good book seems to have done some good. Annoyingly it means no excuse for the gym today.

I ordered this gorgeous bomber jacket from H&M after seeing a good discount online (sign up to their mailing list and get 25% off an item). I ordered it in a size 12 because I wanted an oversized fit, yet when it arrived it was tight! (I’ve ordered it again in size 16 which fits much better – yay!) I know that H&M is a Swedish brand and that all Swedes look like gods and goddesses but surely there should be standard sizing that all high street stores work to? Same goes for Topshop, I ordered a pair of boots in size 6 and was confident after trying on a perfect fit size 6 in store. Low and behold when I got them they were far too small. I tried it all on in store and returned it there and then, but by the time I got home all size 7’s are sold out, sods law I suppose. My mum and boyfriend would argue it’s good they’re sold out because I have enough shoes, but I don’t think that’s possible.


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