2015 / Beyond Recall

I have gone back and forth, writing and rewriting this post. I’ve deleted all the edits and I’m starting from blank. I’ll just be up front.

As you can see my posts cut off just after I started my new job, this is partly because I was thrown in at the deep end at work, going back and forth from Somerset (other side of the country from me) for about a month.

During this time, the first week into my new job actually, I found out my mum had breast cancer. As you can imagine, that and a new job sending me across the country took up all my time and my energy. I’m very fortunate to say though the cancer journey hasn’t been as tough as I thought it would be. My mum was lucky to catch it in stage 2; it hadn’t spread, it wasn’t aggressive, and it wasn’t attached to anything. In layman terms this meant the surgery and treatment should be pretty simple and straight forward.

I’m happy to say everything so far has gone amazingly! The surgery was set up to be such a success that student doctors were invited to watch as an example of the perfect surgery, and how to leave virtually no scar and need no reconstruction, and the surgeon lived up to expectations! The success of the surgery got even better when they confirmed my mum would only need radiotherapy and no chemotherapy. So fortunately I ended 2015 on a very big high. So after the bump in the road I feel like I can get back to my blog, and being the lovely boy my boyfriend is he bought me my first camera to introduce me back to my blog!

So to celebrate my families ability to overcome the last minute test 2015 sent me, here are some of my highlights from 2015.

In February my boyfriend took me to Cambridge for valentines. We went punting which I’ve wanted to do for ages! Cambridge is such a beautiful city, not even the cold could ruin it.


In June we went for champagne and afternoon tea at Wivenhoe House in Essex, it is beautiful there and next to my old uni which gave me massive uni blues. I miss university!

We also went to Royal Ascot with his family and sister’s boyfriend, oh my goodness it was so much fun with so many beautiful people! I also got very lucky that day with a lot of winning horses, beginners luck?


In August, I reunited with two of my university housemates who I missed so so much. We all met in Edinburgh where Helen had just finished her Masters and her play was being shown during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! It was excellent, Lucy cried with pride at the end haha. What a bunch of blondes we are!


In July, my boyfriend, his sister, her boyfriend and I all went to Menorca for a week. It was so nice to get away for a week after all my job worries. At this point I’d left a fun, young job in HR with great people, for a new job in a different sector, different industry, different everything and I wasn’t exactly loving life as much. I was in absolute limbo, not knowing what I wanted to do, so I am forever grateful for the job I have now because it lets me figure it out!

September, what a month! My boyfriend and I went to Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich and Geneva. Salzburg was our favourite by far! Café Tomaselli (top right) is my favourite cafe in the whole entire world, the menu is top notch- who doesn’t want a Prosecco breakfast? They also have a desert tray to die for. I really want to go back to Salzburg, it was so beautiful and chilled, maybe we’ll go back one Christmas time… We saw them setting up for Oktoberfest there, it looked great but unfortunately we had to move on to Zurich, so maybe go back for Oktoberfest! In Geneva we met up with a friend from university who is living and working out there, Geneva was lovely too. We went on a hike, which I can’t lie, I didn’t enjoy during the process but at the end I was so happy we’d done it, the views were amazing. I have to say as well, Geneva has the absolute best trainer shops I’ve ever seen. Cheaper than in the UK when you consider the conversion rate, which is shocking considering everything else costs the earth out there haha.


In November, my cousins, my boyfriend and I all went up to Leeds to visit my brother, cousin, and boyfriend’s sister. Its so good they’re all up there together. I had such a good time and round 2 is on the cards for 2016. It’s rare we get all be together because my eldest cousin spends his time doing ski seasons. He was inbetween Canada and Japan when we all went to Leeds.

In December my amazing best friend was project lead for an event for her course. She was tasked, with her group, to organise an event for Teenage Cancer Trust event and it went amazingly. They even had a Victoria Beckham coat, jeans and 2 tops in the silent auction! That night over £8,000 was raised, absolutely incredible. So proud of her, great cause too!


In December my boyfriend and I went to watch Elf in Mumu’s retro cinema that is better known for being a bar by night. Definitely got me into the festive spirit and much cheaper than the London cinemas!


This is the only half decent photo taken on New Years Eve, although my boyfriend will argue its not decent of him ha. It was a lovely end to 2015, with lovely company.

My new years resolution is that my blog will be maintained, come rain or shine. I hope you enjoy all my blog has to come. Happy belated new year everyone xxx



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