Vienna Street Art 2

Vienna Street Art 13

Vienna Street Art 12 Vienna Street Art 11

Vienna Street Art 1

I’m home from my long awaited, jam packed, mini adventure with my boyfriend, Sam! It was such good fun, I can’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for it and now its over, boo! There is so much to show and tell so I’ll probably do it all in instalments to avoid an overload of information and pictures.

We started off in Vienna which was lovely and full of beautiful architecture. The one thing I did really love about Vienna and I think goes unnoticed, maybe even unappreciated, is the street art by the canal. Although the art was mentioned on a bus tour we went on, there were few people at the canal exploring the images, but don’t you agree its pretty impressive stuff? I love how colourful it is, there were so many amazing pieces but these were my favourite. There were 4 incredible butterfly works but I just couldn’t get a good angle because of where they were, gutted!

Sorry this is such a quick post, especially when I’ve come back from a trip, but I need to getting planning for my first day at my new job tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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