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Jacket – Miss Selfridge / Shirt – FCUK / Jeans – Marks and Spencer / Shoes – Oasis / Sunglasses – Ray Ban

This is my first outfit post so it’s all very exciting for me! This is an outfit I originally put together when meeting a friend after work in London for food and drinks, and it has lots of little perks that make it an outfit worth investing in.
The Miss Selfirdge jacket was bought when they had 20% off, and considering a black leather biker jacket is the staple of any wardrobe; its earnt itself back ten fold. I also bought this jacket 2 sizes too big so that in winter I can fit chunky knits underneath, and in spring/ autumn when you can’t predict the weather its airy enough not to feel stuffy.
The blouse and shoes work for both work and those treasured hours away from the office. So they are transitional to happy hour, to date night or to spending your pay check the day after being paid!
Now, you may be surprised that Marks and Spencer would be on trend with ripped jeans but I swear by their jeans! In fact, I don’t think I have any jeans that aren’t from there! I find their Limited Edition range in particular fit the seasons must haves and to prove I’m telling the truth they currently have ripped hem khaki jeans… told you so!
My body shape seems to make it near impossible to find jeans that fit properly; my calves are oddly where any weight gain seems to go and my hips are a size bigger than my waist, and it seems the majority of the high street don’t cater for that combination without compromise. After Zara jeans were reinvented to be super long and New Look jeans lost their perfect fit, I found Marks and Spencer jeans and have never turned back, they are truly jeanius!

As well as shooting this outfit today I began getting ready for my inter-railing trip with my boyfriend. I went to get gel nails at Botanical Beauty in my home town and found the perfect nude/brown/grey gel paint for this season and such a versatile colour for every outfit!



  1. funkyfashion007 · September 9, 2015

    I love that button down shirt. The way they put their brand name on it is so original. 🙂

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